New Flavors



We are proud to present our new flavors! We have been working hard on these for the past few months, and we know you will like them as much as we do! 


GARLIC BREAD! - Tired of dipping your garlic bread into your coffee? WELL NOW YOU DON'T HAVE TO! 



PICKLEESSSSSSS! - Nothing cures a hangover better than pickle juice and coffee. Why should you be forced to have them separately?? ENJOY our new pickle flavor! Order today!


Licorice! This is EVERYONE'S favorite candy flavor. Right? Right? I'm sure it is. Well anyway, now it's a coffee too. Okay. 



Clamato - Remember we said pickle juice was the best thing for hangovers? We lied. It's Clamato. Mmmmm nothing better than clam and tomato coffee. Try it! We dare you. 



Ummmm we may have went to far on this one. It's tuna. Sorry. 






As I'm sure you've guessed, HAPPY APRIL FOOLS! 


We enjoy a good joke as much as the rest, but one thing that's NOT funny, is how great our coffee is. We have the BEST tasting, MOST affordable, single serve coffee pods on the market. Don't believe us? Order a box no risk! If you don't like it, we'll send you back your money and you can even keep the coffee.

Now THAT'S no joke!

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