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InfuSio Chicory Coffee K Cups 96 Count

InfuSio Chicory Coffee K Cups 96 Count

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If you've ever enjoyed coffee in New Orleans, you probably have tasted a classic Louisiana tradition, chicory coffee. 

Chicory is a woody plant in the dandelion family, usually with bright blue flowers, who's roots, when roasted, have a flavor closely resembling coffee. Chicory has no caffeine, so many people use it as a natural caffeine free substitute or additive to coffee, however, many people simply like the taste. 

Our Chicory Coffee cups are mixed with both roasted chicory root and our roasted coffee. Although there is caffeine in them, it is slightly less as the coffee is cut with the chicory root. 


InfuSio Chicory Coffee K-Cups are freshest, richest, boldest, best value, single-serve coffee pods on the market. 

InfuSio combines taste and convenience in a single cup. Our commitment is to bring you the best tasting k-cup possible. InfuSio k-cups are ALWAYS freshly ground, perfectly roasted, and begin from carefully selected, premium beans.

The best coffee, is fresh coffee

All of our coffee is certified Kosher and free of dairy, gluten, calories, carbs, allergens, and guilt!

Now our coffee pods are completely compatible with all Keurig brand devices (including 2.0), and many other single serve coffee makers!

We guarantee that you won't find a better value on in single serve pods anywhere.

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